Monday, 13 July 2015


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In a struggling and weak economy like Pakistan’s, you don’t see too many people dishing out big bucks on expensive clothes. Though there are some that can afford to spend lavishly on gorgeous and fashion-forward designer items, it is a far-fetched dream for most of the common people, who just don’t make enough money to be able to spend anything extra on things they do not absolutely need. Food, electricity bills and children’s school bills drain out most of the families of their resources, leaving little for luxuries like brand new dresses and comforter sets. Women from such families are used to sacrificing style for the economy, and are satisfied wearing simple clothes that are inexpensive and lacking in any style or flair. These women are resigned to the fact that to be able to live within the income they make, they can only shop from inexpensive bazaars and unbranded shops which do not bother with things like fashion, style, and trends.

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